Home NEWS September 2019
  • sold Yamaha CS70M to an Ottawa collector; sad to see it go after owning it for 36 years, buying it second hand at Keen Kraft Music (when it still existed); it is in very good condition, with only a few signs of its age. It's mostly lived in my studio all this time and is really my only "big analog synth" I've owned. Very sad about it.
  • 2018 acquisitions:
    • Korg O1R/W half-rack sound module of the O1 series
    • Roland MC909 workstation-like desktop module in the drum module style
  • Roland MC909 has been invaluable in getting going for a rap artist's sessions and getting a quick beat so that the artist can start his rapping right away
  • released 6 live music videos this year of the Inspirition Band
  • was down for several months and is now back up and running, apparently from a PHP version issue
  • June: performed with the Dino Martinis for their 25th anniversary show in front of the cameras for Stampede City Sessions, to be aired in November 2019
  • May: album 2 of psalms songs released, titled "Before the Sight of Angels"
  • Sold the Roland GW8, Roland SP808, through Kijiji buyers
  • gave to Anna M-Audio Keystation 88 and one of the Korg Micro-X for its sound module and the silver Apex microphone
  • performed two weddings in the summer (a crazy wedding with a baptism(!) and a beautiful Venezuelan wedding)
  • two gigs with dzpc*: Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar and Cafe Koi
  • several gigs with the Dino Martinis before the summer hiatus