Home NEWS July 2017
  • Completed all rewiring of synthesizers in the studio
  • Catalogued all audio and MIDI routing
  • Redone in/out assignments on MIDI patchbays
  • Built new sysex setup patterns on Notator for AUTOLOAD.SON file, covering all synthesizers in the studio, including bank select settings
  • Repaired power supply and two capacitors to keyboard-area Yamaha 02R mixer
  • Set up of Experimentation Station in control room, installing Roland GW8, Korg X50, Roland SP808, Roland SH32, iConnectMIDI with M-Audio Keystation Mini 32, Behringer 8-channel mixer, and computer speakers with subwoofer
  • Installed several Stylus RMX loop libraries from The Loop Loft
  • Began planning and wiring for multi-camera viewing of isolation booths from the couch area
  • Installed new Atari-PC readable SD cards for UltraSat*n
    • archived all available floppy disk Notator song archives to PC for the first time
    • deployed PP driver and HDDriver Atari HD management software
  • Installed new Atari-PS/2 adapter to allow use of Logitech Trackball, replacing original Atari mouse
  • Installed existing Samson Resolv65a active monitors in the keyboard area for better auditioning
  • Reinstated old Acer/Win Vista laptop for synthesizer editing software and secondary internet connection
  • Sealed furnace area walls with moisture resistant sealant to minimize future flood damage
  • Organized keyboard road cases and located them in a more convenient area near the control room for ease of access
  • Changed some lightbulbs and stocked the fridge