Michael Chiasson (spoken)

In a culture that spends much of its energy on the negative and what could be, Michael brings to light all that we have to be grateful for and what we should be doing with it.

Gavin Radzick

Narrated by Gavin Radzick, with guest advice from Jim Lucyk, this 6-disc set sheds light on the arcane world of stock market trading.

Gavin Radzick

A 12-disc series with accompanying binders of useful tips on how to maximize your hard-earned money. Spoken by financial guru Gavin Radzick, the course is a clearly articulated instructions on how best to make what you earn go far.

Northern Games Co.

pic46902_mdRecorded 2000

Company president and owner Chris Henderson called in some friends to be voice actors for their new board game Don't Be A Dork for radio airplay. Demetrio Navarro added effects, music, then mixed and mastered the 30 second and one minute radio spots.