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  • Film your band or solo performance
  • Multi-camera, multi-angle view of the performance
  • Professionally edited
  • Post to the Web on YouTube or Vimeo

NavarroLand offers multi-camera video recording that rivals expensive roving camera videography services. Our cameras are very small and can capture almost every angle of your performance without the intrusion of roaming video camera operators that are distracting to the audience.

All footage is HD, with dramatic ultra-wide angle and telephoto views. Up to 16 cameras can be deployed for the performance, including cameras small enough to be placed on the head of a guitar for some wild on-instrument footage.

We can also record audio directly from the board FOH mix and ambient sound. With both video and audio captured, we can professionally mix the various sound sources and synchronize them to the edited visuals from video recording.

The finished videos can be rendered for DVD publishing or streaming internet media with pristine quality.

Ask us about this exciting service. All events will be priced individually depending on your specific requirements.


Watch these live videos to see what is possible. All camera angles are from the same performance and synchronized to a studio-mixed multitrack soundtrack during post-production:

Filled With Joy (Live) - The Inspirition Band

I Saw Three Ships (Live) - The Inspirition Band