• Film your band or solo performance
  • Multi-camera, multi-angle view of the performance
  • Professionally edited
  • Post to the Web on YouTube or Vimeo

NavarroLand offers multi-camera video recording that rivals expensive roving camera videography services. Our cameras are very small and can capture almost every angle of your performance without the intrusion of roaming video camera operators that are distracting to the audience.

All footage is HD, with dramatic ultra-wide angle and telephoto views. Up to 16 cameras can be deployed for the performance, including cameras small enough to be placed on the head of a guitar for some wild on-instrument footage.

We can also record audio directly from the board FOH mix and ambient sound. With both video and audio captured, we can professionally mix the various sound sources and synchronize them to the edited visuals from video recording.

The finished videos can be rendered for DVD publishing or streaming internet media with pristine quality.

Ask us about this exciting service. All events will be priced individually depending on your specific requirements.


Watch these live videos to see what is possible. All camera angles are from the same performance and synchronized to a studio-mixed multitrack soundtrack during post-production:

Filled With Joy (Live) - The Inspirition Band

I Saw Three Ships (Live) - The Inspirition Band



Recording Vocal Production Songwriter Producer
MIDI Sequencing Audio Restoration
Mixing Mastering
Live Grand Piano Piano Lessons
Live Performance Arranging

Vocals can be the most demanding of all performances, either musical or spoken, and we will help you get it just right. This hard-to-find service is a specialty of NavarroLand. We will help with harmony, intonation, and pronunciation to capture just the right vocal performance. We can also piece together the perfect composite performance with our digital editing tools.

Our collection of excellent studio microphones will help to tailor the best sound and character for your voice or voices being recorded.


Our listening environment is well-tuned and suitable for mastering your finished recordings. Multiple audio systems are on hand to check that the masters will translate well over a wide range of real-world listening systems. Disc creation to CD-duplication master standards is included with mastering session.


A massive MIDI rig of over thirty synthesizers and years of experience creating completely synthesized songs that sound like they were recorded using live players helps to add just the right amount of realism to your music. Of course, if synthetic is what you're looking for, we have just the right synthesizer sound to use. An array of realtime controllers help to expand the performance from the keyboard into another realm of reality or weirdness.

A variety of software and hardware sequencers are available at NavarroLand. The primary sequencer, running 96 MIDI channels and connected to all MIDI-enabled synthesizers, is synchronized to the Cubase DAW recording system via SMPTE.

The synthesizer collection has a wide range from pre-MIDI analog warmth, to state of the art dedicated synthesizers and workstations, to plugin-based sound libraries. Over 12,000 sounds from all sources within the studio are at your disposal. View the rig.


Mixing is performed in Steinberg Cubase. Material recorded at NavarroLand remains in Cubase from tracking to mixing. A large collection of high-end plugins are regularly employed, as are outboard processors. Stems files from other DAW systems are welcome.


A beautifully decorated room with a Yamaha grand piano is wired into the control room for live piano recording when sampled or electronic piano just won't do. The room sports a huge picture window overlooking the English garden that will put you at ease and into the creative spirit. A choice of microphones to accurately capture your piano performance are on hand. Please inquire about this optional service.

Families with children taking piano lessons, this is an ideal opportunity to get your child's hard work on piano recorded and burned to CD . A master disc is given to you and you can make as many copies of it as you like for distributing to family or as auditions to schools. A video of the performance can also be created (editing fees will apply) and delivered as a DVD or to YouTube (or other video sites).


Arranging is a specialty service provided that will bring out the best way to tell your music's story. Using several techniques to find the right combination of instruments, lyrics, and notes, the results will be pleasing and garner your more listeners.

We can come on site to your writing studio or collaborate via remote communications.


Contact us for rates.


There are no refunds. All sales are final on all services offered. To book studio time there is a ONE (1) hour minimum for all recording sessions. An advance deposit of 50% is required to confirm any scheduled time. You will forfeit your deposit if you reschedule less then 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. Entire balance is due upon the start of any recording session, lessons, classes, training programs or any other services provided. Form of payments accepted; Cash or Cheque.  All recordings remain the property of NavarroLand Music until balances are paid in full.

Full album projects or multiple song projects are recommended to include a $130 charge for a hard disk with caddy for after-session archiving of all files.

You represent, warrant and agree that no Content submitted by you or through your account will violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary rights; or contain libelous, defamatory or otherwise unlawful material. You represent and warrant that you own such Content.


We are fortunate to be plugged in to a vast network of talented musicians and vocal actors. We will be able to find the right talent for your project should you require it. Rates will vary with each performer.


Are you stuck or just need some outside perspective on your project? Get in touch.

We offer Arranging and Songwriting assistance, helping you either on-site or via remote communications. Sometimes two heads are better than one.


All audio signals are brought into the digital world via the classic industry standard Yamaha 02R console, which then sends its signals to the computer via optical connection, preserving the fidelity of the recording all the way through mastering. Editing and mixing are performed using Steinberg software and a large collection of high end plugins. When analog processing is needed, flexible routing capabilities are available for some extra creative effects processing.


Veteran producer Demetrio Navarro is on hand to direct the song or project with his highly valued musical and arranging skills. From providing simple advice on a musical passage to helping to determine the musical direction of an entire album, Demetrio has the experience to guide you in the right direction. He trusts his ears and his ability to find the musical path that will transform your song into one that you will be proud to call your own.


Our in-house A.R.C.T. graduated piano teacher has over 30 years of experience in teaching the Royal Conservatory piano music curriculum. Holding private lessons to hundreds of students from age 4 to 60+, Elaine Navarro keeps it musical and practical for her students, covering the required classics, as well as up-to-the-minute contemporary music so that her students are not forced into a particular genre. Lessons typically follow the school year, with summer lessons available for students taking exams in the Fall. Elaine earned her A.R.C.T. performance diploma in piano and gives beginner to A.R.C.T. level instruction. She is also an established accompanist, with past performances alongside vocals, french horn, and baritone. Class space fills fast so contact her early.


Do you have a finished recording that is in poor condition? We have the tools it takes to clean it up. We can use any recorded material; non-digital forms such as tape can be transfered into the digital domain for treatment.

Removing noise like hiss and even air conditioning drones are just the start. We can also remove transient (brief) noises like coughs, bangs, lip smacks, scratches, and even short chatter. Extremely high noise floor recordings are also accepted; we will definitely work at getting the best legibility out of the subject material as possible.

We can also fix audio material with short gaps, as well as improve the quality of recordings with distortion.

We can adjust and balance tone and volume levels. We can digitally speed up or slow down the audio recording.

Who would use this service?

  • lawyers and investigators with recorded evidence (wire taps, mini tape recorders, audio from video)
  • scientists with audio material needing isolation of individual artifacts in the source material
  • corporate users with presentation audio
  • individuals with historic recordings on cassette tape or vinyl discs (33, 45, and 78 rpm accomodated)
  • individuals with older digital audio files (.wav, .mp3, .ogg are accomodated)

Each project is handled with the strictest confidentiality in a neutral, professional environment. All materials and data will be protected for privacy.

Special rates apply.


Award-winning songwriter Demetrio Navarro is on staff to help with your musical project. The resident songwriter can help you write or co-write your song and is an excellent sounding board to develop parts of your song.

We can come on site to your writing studio or collaborate via remote communications.


As performers ourselves, we can help with your outside-the-studio needs, from choir directing to live vocal or keyboard performance (even vocal and keyboard performance). A well-balanced road rig consisting of synthesizers, multi-DI interface, and personal monitoring are available.