A dedicated room to record the Yamaha grand piano is wired to the studio if the real thing is desired over electronic or sampled pianos. Filled with natural light and professionally decorated, the room boasts a large window view into the English garden and side deck. This optional service is available at NavarroLand.

A variety of microphones are available to capture different sonic characters of the piano. Monitor mixes are fed via headphone lines into the room.

The room can double as an extra vocal booth when the other rooms are filled.


With sight lines directly into the control room and the large isolation room, the small iso is ideal for focused performances during recording. Up to four audio lines can feed the console from the room and three headphone or monitor lines enter the room.

Suitable for up to three singers, this cozy room is conveniently accessible from the control room, where you can immediately sit down for critical listening of the last performance.


So that you are comfortable as you work hard on your project, the Studio has a full bathroom (complete with shower), candy snacks, and fridge with beverages. Food can be readily ordered from a variety of local food establishments.



A non-ambient studio that can fit a full drum kit and is equipped with connections for headphone feeds and a snake. The room is insulated to minimize leakage into and out of the room. The room has sight lines into the control room and the small isolation booth.


This large and comfortable room is suited to creative concentration and collaboration. With a listening environment powered by Yamaha and Adam monitoring, every nuance of your project can be critically assessed.

The large synthesizer rig with vintage and state of the art electronica is accessible from this room, ready to try any sonic idea that you can dream up. Microphone, instrument, and MIDI routing to and from any other room is easily achieved using the extensive patchbay system.

Not just a listening room, the control room can also be used to record vocal and instrument performances, should you be compelled to work closely with the producer or engineer.

An internet-enabled computer is available to keep you connected to the outside world. Calm lighting helps put you at ease to be your best, along with complimentary sweets and drinks.