Longhorn Beach

longhornbeachReleased 2009

Written by Mark Szabo

Rhythm guitars: Mark Szabo, Michael Chiasson
Piano: Demetrio R. Navarro
Drums: Corey Prediger
Bass guitar: Mark Szabo
Lead guitar: Dave Hamilton
Background vocals: Demetrio R. Navarro

Lead vocal: Shelley Koot


Tim Weller


Singer/songwriter/guitarist Tim Weller was invited to NavarroLand to audition some of his music and have one professionally recorded. Bringing with him several demo songs on cassette tapes, "That's A Lie" was selected from several shortlisted songs. Produced and arranged by Demetrio R. Navarro, Tim sang and played guitar on the recording, a song about the false hope that one will recover from a failed relationship. With a stylish and pensive groove, the song mixes driving guitars with pop vocals.

Anna Navarro

Startin' Anew

Words and music by Anna Navarro

Co-written by Elaine and Demetrio Navarro

Produced by Demetrio Navarro

Performed by Anna Navarro

Anna Navarro: Startin' Anew

Startin' Anew - Single - Anna Navarro

© 2011 Anna Navarro, Fifth House Publishing

Demetrio Navarro - Filled With Joy

From the Demetrio Navarro album "Filled With Joy"