John Akim Gosaw

Released 1993

A study in blending ambient bells with piano, ocean waves, and whale songs.



Julia Saar

Julia Saar

Summer Sessions 2002

Recorded July-August 2002

Produced and arranged by Demetrio R. Navarro

Lead vocals by Julia Saar

Keyboards by Demetrio R. Navarro


Song List

1.    Now When The Rain Falls, from the musical The Scarlett Pimpernel 
2.    Your Daddy's Son, from the musical
3.    Someone Like You, from the musical Jekyll and Hyde
4.    The Prayer, from the movie Camelot , words and music by David Foster and Carol Bayer Sager. Duet with Demetrio
5.    Ave Maria, by Franz Schubert
6.    Far From the Home I Love, from the music Fiddler On The Roof
7.    On My Own, from the musical


At only 18 years of age, Julia Saar has the vocal power of a much older performer. Her natural ability to perform with more expression than just with technical precision shines through in this vocal recording. A longtime advanced piano student of Elaine's until 2002, when she stopped piano studies to attend university in pursuit of a degree in the medical sciences, Julia and her parents decided it was high time to get her talents down on a recording before it may be altogether lost.

Julia had sung with the Calgary Girl's Choir for several years under the direction of Elaine Quilichini, continuing to participate until her departure for university. Her selection of Schubert's "Ave Maria" and her clean handling of the Latin pronunciations.

Julia's voice is leans more toward the mezzo-soprano rather than the alto realm, most noticable in her performance of "Someone Like You". Her classical style is most evident in "Ave Maria".

Recording for the time in a studio, Julia overcame her first-timer jitters and put her whole heart and voice into each song.

Taking just under 20 hours to complete, recording was done in the control room since the newly constructed studio's isolation rooms had not yet been acoustically treated.

Album is not publicly available.


Knox Presbyterian

Producer and worship band leader Dwayne Engh recruits his rotating stable of musicians to gather at NavarroLand along with Demetrio Navarro to create 3 new recordings of contemporary Christmas worship songs for Knox Presbyterian’s 2007 Christmas CD release.

Assembled were Gordon MacDonald on bass, Dwayne Engh on drums and percussion, Julianna Marshall and Demetrio Navarro on piano, James Bailey on guitars, with vocalists Shelley Koot, Tracie Athanasius, and Leigh Henderson, and a large ensemble of background vocalists, joined together to produce songs included in the eclectic collection of traditional and modern Christmas songs.


Jennifer Garces

Released 1996

Written and arranged by Jennifer Garces and produced by Demetrio Navarro. A ballad of hope after love lost.

Longhorn Beach

Released 2011

Written by Mark Szabo

Rhythm guitar: Mark Szabo, Michael Chiasson
Lead guitar: Mark Szabo, Dave Hamilton
Drums: Corey Prediger
Bass guitar: Mark Szabo
Background vocals: Demetrio R. Navarro

Lead vocal: Shawna Whiteside