Written and performed by Yoko Galvin

Featuring Anna Navarro

Produced by Demetrio Navarro

Yoko Galvin

A Woman's Tale - Yoko Galvin

Released 1995

True stories sung in Japanese by singer/songwriter Yoko Galvin as she chronicles her journey from Japan, through Europe, and concluding her voyage of self-discovery in Canada. Language is no barrier as the voice and instruments elicit familiar yet exciting emotions as Yoko portrays her encounters in exotic and romantic places.

Produced by Demetrio Navarro
Executive produced by Yoko Galvin
All songs written by Yoko Galvin

Michael Chiasson (music)


A reggae-styled remix version of Michael Chiasson's "Becoming a Joyful Catholic Community", arranged and performed by Demetrio R. Navarro, with Michael's original lead vocal.



Michael Chiasson (music)

A remix version of Michael Chiasson's "I Am Blessed" produced and arranged by Demetrio R. Navarro and Michael Chiasson.


Mountain Meadow


Released 2003

This 14-song album is an eclectic homage to Mother Earth, with driving rhythms and a creative blend of ethnic, folk, and electronica. Vocals and instrumentals by Darrell Park, Susan O'Shea, Demetrio Navarro, Dieter Gade, Julian Norris, Phil Larstone, Utpal Mazumdar and Gregg Robb.


Produced by Demetrio R. Navarro