The Southern Alberta Songwriting Competition selected Demetrio's songs on three separate competitions.

1990 (CHQR 1077 AM) "Still Hoping On You", second place in the Pop/Country/Gospel category (first place went to a country song) out of approximately 600 entries; the winners received a respectable cash prize. As part of the prize, the winning songs were aired on AM radio. The winning entries all had varying degrees of recording quality. Some songs were not originals, such as in the classical category. Demetrio's entry was recorded using bounced tracks between two tape-based recorders, as his studio wasn't yet equipped with a multitrack recorder. But the composition was good enough to win.

1993 (CHFM 95.9 FM) "My Only Chance (If I)", one of 10 songs selected out of 600 entries; each winning song was a recording at Soundwerkes Studio and pressed to a CD (called Brite Lites, a clever variation on the station's "Lite 96" synonym) given to all the winners. The released CD was given in small quantities to the winners.

1994 (CHFM 95.9 FM) "Heaven's Ocean Shore", one of 10 songs selected out of 400 entries; the prize for all winners was a recording of their songs at Sundae Sound Studio with professional studio musicians. The finished music became another Brite Lites CD, but this time the CD was marketed and sold at all HMV Record Stores in Calgary with proceeds going to a charity. The radio station also provided for all the winners a seminar on how to break into the music biz by Tim Tamashiro, an independent recording artist and former marketing expert MCA records. Demetrio found it very informative and learned that you indeed can produce and release an album on your own, without the help of a big record company. The album was heavily promoted by CHFM. Some of the album's artists, including Demetrio, agreed to perform at several venues to help promote the album, including Canada Day outdoor concert at Princes Island and on the Channel 7 Breakfast Show on television (where we all learned that singing at 7 in the morning is not easy!).

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