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Construction was completed in early 2001 after a year of custom planning and work. Contractors were hired for electrical, flooring, drywall. The rest was built by the owner. Internal windows were custom-built over the course of several months.

Framing and wiring of the control room.


Framing of the small isolation booth, viewed from inside the control room.


Completed small isolation booth (without doors), viewed from the control room.


Drywall mudding and taping completion at front of control room.


Mixing area in the control room, sanded mudding and taping of drywall, ca. 2000


Mixing desk 2011


Drywalled rackmount closet in the control room.


Rackmount closet ca. 2000


Rackmount closet in 2011.


View from inside the large isolation after framing.


View from inside the control room, after sound proofing internal insulation installed.


Control room ca. 2000.


Equipped control room in 2011.