Home Atari External Storage

Having held on to my beloved Atari ST systems primarily to keep using my almost fully tricked out C-Lab Notator system for sequencing, I had to maintain the external storage subsystems for it as well. And that's been no easy task. It's an Atari ST, after all.

Atari Megafiles were the original hard disk storage systems for ST, with their MFM hard drives: big, heavy, low capacity (by today's standards), and damned scarce.  They worked well for a good while, but when they started to fail, "newer" systems (we're talking about technology over a span of more than 20 years here) had to be found and deployed.

The first was a Bernoulli disk-based system that I got from eBay or Kijiji (almost everything I own in the studio is from either eBay, Kijiji, or the long-defunct Digibid) that was cobbled together from a broken down tape-system that happened to still have an intact power supply. An Atari DMI interface was somehow soldered on and the cartridge disk drive and the accompanying disks were made to work, reading and writing to the Atari ST. It was a huge amount of storage per disk, something like 40-60MB per disk I think (maybe more) and it worked great for a few years. Until they stopped.