• Chenoa Marcotte



    Chenoa Marcotte is a keen observer of relationships, writing songs about how people handle situations alone and with others. Her haunting vocals and clean guitar style are perfect support for her complex vignettes of human interaction.


  • Joe Calvello
  • Scott Kelly

    Scott was born in 1958 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25). He has lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, since 1966. He graduated from the University of Calgary in 1987 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. His Graduation Exhibition was in the Nickel Arts Museum and at Gulf Canada Square.

    He has completed several public murals in Calgary: Cash Casino, Pegasus, Papino's Deli, Bell's Bookstore Cafe, Calgary Horseshoe Club, High River Cafe, Great West Italian Importers, and many others, including private homes. He is currently represented by the Collector's Gallery in Calgary, at (403) 245-8300.

    Scott is also a singer/songwriter currently producing an album of original material. He is the host and producer of Immaculate Heart Radio, Saturdays, 9:00 pm on AM1140.

    He resides in Calgary with wife Deborah and children Eric and Hannah.

  • Miss Holly



    Poet and singer Miss Holly has experienced far more than her peers in her youth, compelling her to write about all the good and the bad and the decisions that shaped her consequent life. Her brand of hip-hop and ballads is a window into the lifestyle of successful single mother who struggles and finds everyday happiness and contentment in her world.

  • LTB


    Inspiring churchgoers of all ages with their tight arrangements and exceptional vocals, LTB led worship at St. Michael's Church before recording their only studio effort titled "Now". Putting their own twist on popular contemporary Christian worship songs, the group never forgot its reverent roots and tailored all of their songs to both the active and quiet participant.



  • Videos
    Videos produced at NavarroLand
  • Yoko Galvin
    Born in Tochigi, Japan, Yoko Galvin traveled around the world in the 1970’s, visiting Russia, Europe, and Canada, gaining experiences that she has beautifully incorporated into her art. Her unique perspective on life, love, and relationships results in some of the most captivating and inspiring pieces of musical and visual works.
    As a visual artist, each drawing of a flower arrangement, Japanese woman, scenery, or kimono is original and signed "Maeda Yoko". Each piece makes careful use of vivid colors and deliberate strokes as she strives to reduce her subject to its most elemental parts, only to build it up anew as a one-of-a-kind vision that is uniquely her own.
    As a musical artist, Yoko's lyrics come from a place of determined yet suppressed womanhood. At the same time, her lyrics are framed in haunting melodies, and set within contemporary musical backdrops. Her expressive alto voice provides the range and emotion that lets her stories come alive.
    Her musical efforts yielded her 1995 debut CD release “A Woman's Tale”, an 11-song collection and 2013's CD release of "Fly Away", both composed and performed by Yoko, and produced and arranged by award-winning producer Demetrio Navarro. Proceeds from the CDs were donated to help people in need. 
    Yoko lives in Western Canada with her husband Philip, where she enjoys being a mother and grandmother.

  • Michael Chiasson (music)

    Michael Chiasson blends rock, gospel, and Southern styles to his own brand of worshipful voice and guitar. Having started All Access Ministries after an already diverse career performing with Christian artists, Michael music and spoken word projects provide inspiration for countless of the faithful.

  • Mountain Meadow

    Always with one eye on the Earth and one eye on the issues that threaten it, Mountain Meadow weaves a hypnotic menagerie of echoing sounds and environmental sound effects. Using a skillful blend of ethnic instruments alongside guitars and synthesizers, founding members D. Park and Susan O'Shea establish a sound that is both haunting and mesmerizing. From epic opuses teaching about the seasons, to touching songs of whales, to heavy grooves, Mountain Meadow brings earth consciousness to the city.

  • Karen Thorsteinsen



    Karen Thorsteinsen has an enviable rich alto that sounds at once new yet familiar. Perfectly matched to her stunning exotic looks, she embodies both the excitement of the high life and the warmth of a longtime friendship.








  • Rob Zimmerman

    Bringing country and rock to a new level of everyday awareness, Rob Zimmerman mixes his grounded spirituality with snapshots of relationships, both good and bad. Never one to dwell on the negative, his music invariably puts a positive spin on even the most difficult situations from his past.

  • Karen Stein / Elaine Brown / Demetrio Navarro

    Long time friends Karen, Elaine, and Demetrio form a group to collaborate and create their own unique sound on their songs.

  • D. Park

    D. Park is a prolific songwriter from Bragg Creek. Preview and buy some of his vast collection of music at Mountain Meadow Music.


  • Elaine Brown and Demetrio Navarro
  • The Caribbees
  • The Bee Happy Preschool
  • John Akim Gosaw
    oceansongJohn Akim Gosaw is known for his spiritual performances using crystal bowls (called "bells") that fill a room with their rich, hypnotic sound. Blending the sound of the bells with other instruments, John creates soundscapes used by some looking for a little peace in their busy lives.
  • Julia Saar




    Young Julia Saar possesses a wonderful alto tone that is well suited to both classical and show pieces. She recorded several recital and festival songs for future reference.


  • Knox Presbyterian
  • Jennifer Garces

    Singer/songwriter Jennifer Garces likes to use her smoky alto vocal to carry her songs into the the present. The experience in her voice often betrays her youth, as she has sung countless American standards. Writing of love found and lost, Jennifer's songs capture the essence of relationships and what makes them both difficult and indispensable.

  • Longhorn Beach
    longhornbeachCreated by bassist/songwriter Mark Szabo to realize his country and western leanings, Longhorn Beach consists of a fluid array of talented session musicians who lend their touches to Mark's songs of everyday gratitude and stories of triumph over adversity.
  • Tim Weller
    guitarwingsSinger/songwriter/guitarist Tim Weller is a guitarist and singer with Edmonton-based group Replay. Tim has written songs of love and social issues since his teens growing up in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.
  • Anna Navarro
    Singer/songwriter Anna Navarro has captivated her audiences with her bubbly personality and expressive voice.

    Buy the single here
    Startin' Anew - Single - Anna Navarro
  • Demetrio Navarro - Filled With Joy


    Released 2012

    Written, produced and performed by Demetrio Navarro

    Upbeat and inspiring songs used for worship time. All songs are taken directly from the Psalms in Scripture and given an uplifting take.