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NavarroLand Music merged two separately operating businesses: a project studio run by Demetrio Navarro and a piano teaching studio run by Elaine Brown. The project studio, named NavarroLand Music, grew from a modest keyboard studio with small songwriting projects into a production facility that needed to provide accompaniments used for live performances of a popular local choir, The Caribbees, for which Demetrio was musical director (1988 to 1998). Modern Caribbean music is heavily reliant on synthesizers and the group embraced a modern musical focus from its folk music roots. Producing contemporary accompaniments and the desire to pre-record the vocal group so that choreography could be optimally performed live drove Demetrio to expand his small electronic rig with more synthesizers and tape-based multitrack recording equipment. The group grew in popularity with its modern sound, choreography, and colorful costumes.

After completing his tenure with the Caribbees, as well as two other choirs that he directed in parallel, the studio took on clients who wanted an inexpensive recording facility at his budding studio. Focusing on vocal centered music, Demetrio became known for calm handling and creative mentoring of vocalists. Studio business steadily grew from the first incarnations of NavarroLand.

The two enterprises joined with the marriage of their respective owners. The first purpose-built version of NavarroLand now resides at the current location, with two isolation studios and a large control room. Soundproofing and acoustic treatment were designed into the building of the studio. The merger of both businesses was completed with the connection of Elaine's piano teaching studio into the recording studio's wired network, making for the first time a live grand piano available to recording projects.

Constant improvements and upgrades to both software and hardware components keep the studio tuned to the needs of its owner and clients. A creative vibe and calm atmosphere helps put artists at ease.

Demetrio R. Navarro

Producer, Mixer, Engineer
Songwriter, Singer, Keyboardist

Demetrio oversees the artistic and technical aspects of all recording projects at NavarroLand. Building the studio around his personal requirements and the needs of vocal groups, he produced albums and singles for several local artists and groups, including LTB, The Caribbees, Charisma, Scott Kelly, Yoko Galvin, Mountain Meadow, Michael Chiasson, Karen Thorsteinson, and Unity Gain. Establishing himself as a synthesist, arranger, and vocal producer, he is in demand for his ability to create a realistic and contemporary sound, both electronic and acoustic, and for capturing strong vocal performances.

Demetrio is a versatile producer and arranger, covering a broad range of genres, including pop, rock, Christian, choir, world, children's, and several Caribbean styles. As an award-winning songwriter, he is constantly writing and recording new compositions as well as co-writing for his clients.


Elaine Navarro

A.R.C.T. Piano Teacher
Piano Accompanist

Elaine received her A.R.C.T. in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory in 1988 and has taught for over 30 years. Holding private lessons for students ranging in age from 4 to 70+ years, she teaches classes from beginner level to A.R.C.T. level instruction. Elaine has also earned a Bachelors in Art History (1988) from the University of Calgary.

She holds multiple piano recitals throughout the year, as well as entering worthy students into the Kiwanis Festival. She is an experienced accompanist for vocalists and instrumentalists (most recently french horn and baritone, as well as accompanying musical theater pieces). She has also accompanied on pipe organ.